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Getting out of the Sacristy: A Look at Our Pastoral Priorities

For the past several days, I’ve been with my Word on Fire team, filming for the Flannery O’Connor and Fulton Sheen episodes of our “Pivotal Players” series. Our journey has taken us from Chicago to New York to Washington, DC, and finally to Savannah and Millidgeville, GA. At every step of the way, we have met numerous people who have been affected by Word on Fire materials: sermons, podcasts, YouTube videos, and the “CATHOLICISM” series. Many have told me that their exposure to Word on Fire started a process that led them back to the Church. Now I’m telling you this not as an advertisement for my media ministry, but rather as an occasion to muse about what I consider to be a needful change in the way the Church thinks about its essential work.

Psychedelics, Antinatalism, and Dostoevsky

Can psychoactive drugs provide an authentic religious experience?

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

There is something fierce about the mother of Christ.

Summed Up in Christ

For many people in the West, liberty seems to trump everything. We avatars of the egodrama, we worshippers at the altar of freedom, say that our choice is supreme. We don't want anyone to constrain our pursuit of money, success, power, influence, safety, or physical health. But what matters in the end is not to place our wills in the position of ultimate concern. Everything in nature, history, science, and our careers is, in the end, summed up in Christ.

Giving Up Spirituality for a Life of Religious Abundance

Tyler Blanski’s “An Immovable Feast” will prove to be one of the great conversion stories of our “spiritual but not religious” culture.

Social Media and Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Our time spent on social media is time spent looking for love.

How St. Benedict Reshaped the Culture

Benedict would retreat from the world, but his retreat did not prevent the world from coming to him.

Does Prayer Change Things?

And if so, is that a good thing?

“Getting” to Heaven?

Heaven is only heaven when it is wedded to earth.

The Mission of the Prophet

This week's Scriptures illuminate the identity and mission of a prophet—a calling that belongs to all the baptized by virtue of our Baptism. God appoints the prophets to a specific mission. This mission is to speak God's word of truth. God's word of truth is not a private or personal opinion, but the Word of God communicated through human words. The prophet speaks God's word of truth to those within and those outside the Church. Prophets do not seek to proclaim a message that is easy to be accepted, but seek to speak God's word of truth, no matter how hard it might be to hear and accept. Christ is the paradigmatic example of the identity and mission of the prophet.