2019 B'ham Eucharistic Congress

Read the latest Eucharistic Congress news here and see a map of the procession route.

What is a Eucharistic Congress, and what happens there?

Eucharistic Congresses are marked by very large, public gatherings of Catholics. The events are typically too large to be held in a single church, so they are most often held outdoors or in a public arena.

Common elements include a procession with the Eucharist in a public setting, a significant amount of time for Eucharistic Adoration, significant availability of the sacrament of reconciliation, talks and catechesis on important matters of faith, and a Holy Mass with the bishop or bishops with all in attendance.

It is an opportunity for Catholics to bring those things which usually happen behind closed doors, in our small communities, out into the wide open with the larger community. In addition to these International Congresses, it has become customary for national, regional, or diocesan Eucharistic Congresses to be called by local bishops and their conferences. Bishop Baker has asked that we prepare for our own Eucharistic Congress to be held on June 28–29, 2019 at the BJCC, with the theme: The Eucharist and Missionary Discipleship