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Illness, Healing, and Faith: A Video by Dale Wisely

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 7/04/20

                                                                         Maria Laughlin

Last year, I lead a 2-part series on Illness, Faith, & Healing.  I've made a video version. It's a total of 80 minutes, but it's split over 3 videos. More below about getting to the videos.Christians pray for the sick. We pray when we are ill. ... Read More »

Suicide and sin: Do not despair

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 6/25/20

As if we do not have enough national crises, we are in another one. It is a massive public health crisis and it predates COVID-19. Suicide rates have been rising sharply in the USA for years.

It grieves me to think that many Christians--many Catholics--who have lost loved ones ... Read More »

Deprived of Communion: A Devotion

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 4/08/20

In this Holy Week, in a year of pandemic, many Christians are contemplating an Easter when they will be unable to celebrate by attending church in person. Some will struggle to recall the last time they missed Easter services. Some will even have trouble remembering the last weekend they ... Read More »

The Birds of the Air

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 3/24/20

This is my comfort in my affliction: for your word has revived me. – Psalm 119:50

Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they? ... Read More »

Excellent perspectives from a local pediatric psychologist

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 3/17/20

I am happy to share this, written by my friend and colleague Dr. Dan Marullo, a highly experienced pediatric psychologist at Children's of Alabama. 

Perspectives of COVID-19 from a Pediatric PsychologistWith Covid-19 now a pandemic all of us are called upon to change our personal and collective behavior. It ... Read More »

Thoughts on our unplanned family time together--and talking about the virus.

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 3/15/20

School closures and the work-at-home situation many of us find ourselves in will result in a lot of unexpected family togetherness. What, as the fashionable cliché asks us, could possibly go wrong?

Before I offer some ideas about how to cope with all of this, Let us acknowledge with ... Read More »

The Beatitudes and Our Families: The merciful, the pure of heart, the peacemakers

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 3/08/20

Blessed are the merciful,for they will be shown mercy.Blessed are the pure in heart,for they will see God.Blessed are the peacemakers,for they will be called children of God.

Matthew 5: 7-9

We know what it means to be merciful. We know what it means to be a peacemaker. The ... Read More »

The Beatitudes in Our Families: The Meek Shall Inherit

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 3/01/20

More on the Beatitudes (Matthew, Chapter 5) and our families.

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. (Matthew 5:5)

Jesus said that the meek are blessed, of course; and—get this—they will inherit the earth. That’s a big blessing. Maybe we ought to quickly figure out what ... Read More »

The Beatitudes in Our Families: Blessed are the poor in spirit, those who mourn...

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 2/16/20

This year, we are focusing on the Gospel of Matthew. I have been thinking about how we can apply the Beatitudes to family life. Let’s start.

Uh-oh. Right off the bat, we have a problem. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. The ... Read More »

Jesus and us: Distressed, agitated, grieved.

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 12/09/19

He took with him Peter and James and John, and began to be distressed and agitated. And he said to them, ‘I am deeply grieved, even to death; remain here, and keep awake.’ And going a little farther, he threw himself on the ground and prayed that, if it ... Read More »


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