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Can we save a loved one who is addicted to drugs?

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 3/17/22

Deaths from opioid overdose are at an all-time high. Narcan is an emergency medication, administered by nasal spray to a person who is unresponsive due to an overdose of opioids. It rapidly and specifically blocks the effects of opioids. It is not dangerous if given to someone who is ... Read More »

Lenten Series talk on March 21: How Families Fallen Away: How Families Can Cope with Teenagers and Young Adults Who No Longer Practice the Faith.

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 3/11/22

Most Catholic parents will see at least one of their children fail to live up to the parents’ hopes regarding their practice of the Catholic faith. See how many people you can think of who have two or more adult children, all of whom continue to identify as Catholic, ... Read More »

A Retreat for Parents Grieving the Death of their Child

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 8/18/21

The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart and saves such as have a contrite spirit.

Psalm 34:18

We know that there is an added layer of pain when we grieve the death of a child. Parents who have endured this loss are all too aware of it. ... Read More »

How Can We Help a Grieving Friend?

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 8/13/21

When someone is grieving, we may be of support and comfort to them. But well-intentioned people often say things to grieving people that hurt instead of comfort.

But perhaps we don’t know what to say.  We believe we must say something in hopes of alleviating the pain of the ... Read More »

When Our Loved Ones Leave the Church

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 8/04/21

This week I read that 27% of adults say they are estranged from at least one family member. Our national political climate has likely made this worse. But I wonder how many of these cases of estrangement are due to religious differences: Family members who cannot tolerate others’ religious ... Read More »

Anxiety and Our Children

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 7/29/21

Prior to the pandemic, anxiety and depression were increasing among youth. So far, available data suggest that children and teenagers have been impacted by Covid, as much and perhaps more than adults. This has likely exacerbated an already serious mental health problem. This column is about anxiety in our children.

Anxiety is a normal emotion. It serves important functions. It motivates us to take care of business so that we don’t suffer the consequences of neglecting our work and our duties. And healthy anxiety is a signal that something is wrong. There may be a threat to our safety or well-being, and anxiety helps us become aware of and deal with threats. But anxiety can become exaggerated and a cause of dysfunction and suffering. There are anxiety disorders and they are among the most common mental health ... Read More »

Christmas in 2020: Absence and Presence

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 12/08/20

At Prince of Peace, my title is Director of Family Life. So, as we approach Christmas, I have been thinking about families. I have been thinking about absence and presence.

We have a family who lives down the street from us and has for nearly 30 years. I won’t ... Read More »

Family, Holidays, Prayer, and Mental Health

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 10/29/20

As we enter the holiday season we remember that, even as some of us are able to experience the special joys of Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas, it is a difficult time for many people. Perhaps you, the reader, are one of those people. Or perhaps you know that during ... Read More »

Illness, Healing, and Faith: A Video by Dale Wisely

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 7/04/20

                                                                         Maria Laughlin

Last year, I lead a 2-part series on Illness, Faith, & Healing.  I've made a video version. It's a total of 80 minutes, but it's split over 3 videos. More below about getting to the videos.Christians pray for the sick. We pray when we are ill. ... Read More »

Suicide and sin: Do not despair

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 6/25/20

As if we do not have enough national crises, we are in another one. It is a massive public health crisis and it predates COVID-19. Suicide rates have been rising sharply in the USA for years.

It grieves me to think that many Christians--many Catholics--who have lost loved ones ... Read More »


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