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Author/Speaker Josh Ochs on Social Media & Youth PLUS Important Article in NYTIMES.

  • There is an interesting read in the NYTimes with a great title: "A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley." Is this the beginning of the backlash against many years of increasing "screen time," and kids carrying around smartphones WAY too young?

  • I do a lot of speaking on the topic of social media and youth. A few years ago, had a chance to work with Josh Ochs, whose work is dedicated to helping youth make positive use of social media, and helping parents stay informed about the always-changing social media world. I make extensive use of a set of free resources on Josh's website, www.smartsocial.com. I called Josh in Los Angeles to chat about some of those free resources and to pick his brain a bit on what's going on with social media. After we recorded the podcast, we agreed that soon Josh will have me as a guest on HIS podcast. We'll share that when that becomes available as well. We know that parents often struggle with social media and, as always, we want to provide support, information, and assurances of our prayers as you work with your family through this complicated topic.

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