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New podcast: Parents, Schools, & Discipline

Prince of Peace Director of Family Life, Dr. Dale Wisely, has been a child and adolescent psychologist for 36 years, including 24 years in clinical practice, followed by 12 years serving as a school district administrator at which, among other duties, he consulted with school officials about disciplinary practices. In this podcast, Dr. Wisely argues that parents should always do their best to support schools when their children are disciplined, even if they don't agree with the school. He argues that this approach is actually best for the disciplined child, "guilty" or "innocent." He also explains how adult responses to bullying episodes can often make things worse for the victim of bullying. Dr. Wisely hopes you enjoy and benefit from this 20-minute podcast. I know that's true because I am Dale Wisely and I wrote this. 

Hear the podcast at bit.ly/popfamilylife3

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