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Catholic Charities 2019

As Christians living a stewardship way of life, we know that everything we have is a gift from God.  We are blessed with skills and talents, families, homes, cars, educations, jobs, food, health and more - the list is long.  Do we take these blessing for granted or do we acknowldge them with gratitude to God by serving and helping others? 

When you pledge/donate to the Catholic Charities annual appeal, you are acting as the hands and feet of Jesus here on earth. Your contribution helps to provide disaster relief, shelter those in need, feed the hungry, and provide religious education and seminarian support.  It assists people throughout northern Alabama buy food, pay rent and utilities and purchase necessary clothing and medication. 

In addition, your donations support the Nazareth House which provides religious education and liturgy for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  It funds the Office of Campus Miistry which covers 13 local colleges and universities.  And, it supports the Offices of Black Ministry and Hispanic Ministry.  Please take time to pray and reflect upon what you can share with others.  Everything we have is a gift from God; please consider sharing some of it with your brothers and sisters in Christ. 

You can read more about Catholic Charities and pledge online here. You can make a pledge for 2019 or donate now via bank debit or credit card, or specify a future donation date on their website.   Thank your for helping us reach our parish goal of $204,450.


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