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Dr. Wisely's ADHD Series Now Online

Dr. Dale Wisely's popular in-depth ADHD series for parents, ADHD 101, is now available online. 

For many years, child psychologist Dr. Dale Wisely has offered this three-part series on Attention Deficit Disorders for parents. “There is nothing more important to a child with ADHD than to have adults in their lives who understand the disorder,” says Dr. Wisely. “It is as important as any other form of treatment. When adults understand the disorder, the quality of the ADHD child’s life can improve dramatically. Helping us understanding this complex disorder is the goal of this series.”  

Dale Wisely, Ph.D. serves as Director of Family Life at Prince of Peace. He has been a child and adolescent clinical psychologist for 38 years. He speaks extensively to professional and lay audiences on topics related to mental health and parenting and is one of Alabama's most experienced educators on the topic of ADHD.

The video series is available at bit.ly/adhd101-2020


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