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Monthly Delivery Volunteers Wanted

The weekender backpack ministry is seeking reliable, dependable and punctual volunteers to make a monthly delivery to Simmons Middle School on the first Friday of the month during the school year.  This is a one hour per month commitment.  The volunteer places the approximately 60 bags of food (located at the church on a wheeled cart) into their vehicle and transports them to the school to arrive by 1:30 pm.  The delivery date and time are firm.   Once at Simmons, the bags are unloaded by the volunteer and placed in bins located outside of the school.  Each bag weighs about 5 pounds.  The system currently in place has the volunteer picking up the bags after the Thursday evening packing session is finished at 7 pm.  The bags may remain in the volunteer’s car overnight and delivered on Friday by 1:30 pm.  Alternatively, the volunteer could pick up and deliver the bags on Friday.  If you are interested in helping this wonderful ministry serving local hungry students, please contact Marsha Hernandez



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