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Parishioner Named Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to POP parishioner Juan Vasquez who was named Pelham High School Teacher of the Year!  According to the Shelby County Reporter, Vasquez teaches language acquisition and sheltered English 9 and 10 at Pelham.  He has also taught sheltered biology and sheltered health. In addition to this class load, Vasquez also serves as a translator in parent meetings when needed and he even makes calls to students’ homes if teachers discover a language barrier when they attempt to call.  He is also working on a community event called Pelham Festival for the next school year.  The goal is to bring together the Pelham community with food, music and fun. 

Both he and his wife Lourdes Vasquez are teachers in our children's religious education program. The couple who moved here from Texas have three children.  Thank you for making a difference in many young lives.


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