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Publix School Card Changes

Publix is changing the way we earn cash for POP School when we shop at their store.  Instead of presenting your school card at checkout, you'll input your phone number.  But first, you need to set up an account on their website that includes your phone number.  Go to www.publix.com, scroll to the bottom to click on "My Account" to set up an account (it's super quick.)  Now go to "my account" settings and pick "Prince of Peace School" or search ZIP 35226 for our school.  This is a great fundraiser for our school - last quarter we earned $981.48.  Total to date is $44,292.20.  Thank you parish and school families!  (According to Trace Crossing Publix, they will continue to scan your card until October, but why carry that card if there's an easier way?!)


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