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Three Confirmed at POP on Pentecost!

Welcome Anita Borton Hjelmeland, Lindsay Baggette and Nikotye Marie Gross to the Catholic Church and the Prince of Peace Catholic Parish family ! These three ladies were confirmed on Pentecost, May 24, 2020, by Fr. Fallon.   Thank you to their sponsors Mark Hjelmeland, Debbie Maple, Nancy Carr, respectively, as well as the RCIA team led by Mike and Joanie Brown.  The RCIA team has walked with these candidates on their faith journey since September 2019 and were thrilled when the confirmation could finally take place.  Joanie Brown, RCIA team co-leader said, “They were all very dedicated and came to class since September.  It was sad that they couldn’t be confirmed at the Easter Vigil due to COVID-19, but appropriate that they were confirmed on Pentecost.”


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