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Tuesday Talks with Dr. Dale Wisely

Dr. Wisely will discuss common mental health problems in youth on Tuesday, September 13 at 11:30am in the St. John conference room.  There is a growing awareness of significant increases in behavioral and emotional symptoms among youth, said Dr. Wisely.  "We know that youth mental health matters, and there is much discussion about what needs to be done to ease the suffering of youth who struggle with these issues.  It has always been true that children and teenagers go through periods of emotional and behavioral disruption.  However, these can range from relatively minor and transitory problems, to serious conditions such as depression, anxiety, and more severe behavioral disruption," added Dr. Wisely.

In this talk, Dr. Wisely will give an overview of some of the mental health concerns among youth and some of the issues in getting appropriate treatment.  Dr. Dale Wisely is the  director of adult education and family life at Prince of Peace.  He is a retired child and adolescent psychologist with over forty years in private, hospital, and educational setting practice.



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