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Under Construction!

You may have noticed that construction fencing has been installed next to the main entrance of the school. We are embarking on the construction of an exciting addition to our facilities.  This addition will complete the original master campus plan to meet the growing needs of our parish and will provide for a safer environment for our POP school children.

The plans include the construction of a twostory structure that will accomplish and provide the solution to the following issues and needs of the school and parish:

·SAFETY – The safety of our students is a top priority. Currently, to move children between buildings B and C for lunch, library and gym access, our kindergarten, first and second grade classes must be accompanied over an open-air walkway, which takes them outside of our secured environment and exposes them to the weather. This project encloses the walkway connecting the entire campus and ensures students can remain within a locked and secure environment at all times.

·ACCESSIBILITY – Our educational buildings B and C are two story buildings with no elevator access.  This addition would include an elevator, which would allow complete wheelchair accessibility for the entire campus.

·SPECIAL NEEDS UPGRADE & CLASSROOMS –Additional space will be created for the special learning needs of our school and parish school of religion students. This addition will expand our special education classroom to an appropriate size and move all our first grade classes to the same hall.

·TECHNOLOGY LAB - A larger, state of the art technology classroom for elementary school students.

·RESTROOMS – Currently, there is only a single-toilet restroom on the second floor of building B and students are required to leave the secured, locked environment of the school to use church facilities. This addition would include larger boys' and girls' restrooms on the second floor with age appropriate fixtures and direct access from the school corridor.

·OFFICES & MEETING SPACE – With the growing needs of our parish, we are increasingly running out of office and meeting space.  This addition allows for a conference room that could be used for both the school and parish needs.

Our goal is to have the structure completed for the beginning of the new school year in the fall of 2019. In the meantime, we recognize that the construction may cause some temporary disruption and inconvenience.  We have plans to accommodate the travel of faculty and students between the buildings using the back walkways during construction and we are implementing measures to ensure their safety. In some cases when students are being checked in late or leaving early, the front office may ask the parent to escort the child to their classroom so that they are not walking behind the buildings alone.  

We will keep you updated on our progress and below is a rendering of the completed project.  I thank you for your continued support of Prince of Peace School and look forward to providing these new improvements for our children.

God bless,

Kelly Doss, President

Prince of Peace Catholic School


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