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Upcoming Sanctuary Renovations/Mass Relocations

Our main church will be undergoing renovations during August.  The pews will be restored and reupholstered and the carpet replaced.  Both are original, having been installed when the main church was built in 2000.  

Beginning the weekend of August 11/12, we will celebrate Mass in Deasy Hall and/or the school gym. (There will be chairs in the school gym.)  Please follow the Mass schedule below until the renovations are complete.  We estimate that this improvement project will affect the location of Masses over two or three weekends. Daily Mass will move to Deasy Hall beginning August 6, along with Thursday Adoration.

The Gathering Space will be closed.  Please plan to bring children to religious ed through the doors by the religious ed office.  The church nursery will be open and accessible from Deasy Hall or through the outside doors near the church nursery.  We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to seeing everyone in our temporary worship spaces!

Saturdays 5:00 p.m. – Deasy Hall


  7:00 am – Deasy Hall

  8:30 am – Deasy Hall & Gym

 11:00 am – Deasy Hall & Gym

  1:30 pm –  Gym

  5:00 pm – Deasy Hall

  7:00 pm – Deasy Hall

 Weekdays - Daily Mass and Adoration will be held in Deasy Hall.


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