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Should you seek a Catholic counselor?

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 4/16/19

If you find yourself in need of the services of a therapist, should you seek one who is a Christian or, more specifically, a Catholic? This question may not be a no-brainer, even for the most devout Catholics.  During the many years I was engaged in private practice, people ... Read More »

How Adults Are Hurting Youth Via ADULT Use of Social Media

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 4/11/19

Below is a link to a new video I've prepared on adults, teenagers, and social media. It runs about 15 minutes.

I frequently do talks on social media and youth. In the last month, I've given 8 talks on it. That's unusual, but it is an indication of the ... Read More »

Momo Challenge? Don't Fall for the Latest Viral Panic about Kids

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 2/28/19

I want to make you aware of a phenomenon called moral panic, which is illustrated by the current viral stories about the so-called “Momo Challenge.” There is a danger to our kids, but it’s not what you think.

In case you haven’t heard—which seems unlikely by now—there has been ... Read More »

New podcast: Parents, Schools, & Discipline

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 11/28/18

Prince of Peace Director of Family Life, Dr. Dale Wisely, has been a child and adolescent psychologist for 36 years, including 24 years in clinical practice, followed by 12 years serving as a school district administrator at which, among other duties, he consulted with school officials about disciplinary practices. ... Read More »

Dr. Wisely's Talk: The Digital World and Our Youth (Prince of Peace School, October 2018)

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 11/13/18

Here's a video version of my recent talk "The Digital World and Our Youth (Prince of Peace School), October 2018.

It's in 2 parts on YouTube. Click here! 





Author/Speaker Josh Ochs on Social Media & Youth PLUS Important Article in NYTIMES.

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 11/09/18

There is an interesting read in the NYTimes with a great title: "A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley." Is this the beginning of the backlash against many years of increasing "screen time," and kids carrying around smartphones WAY too young? I do ... Read More »

Blended Families: A Conversation with Dr. Julie McDonald

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 10/19/18

I recently spoke to Dr. Julie McDonald, a colleague of mine who has extensive experience working with blended families. We made it into a podcast!

Blended families are the result of marriage, divorce, and remarriage, which both husband and wife bring children from the previous marriage to the new ... Read More »

NAVIGATING AGING: Free Program on November 2

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 10/10/18

Our friends at Collat Jewish Family Services are offering this free program on aging.

Are you navigating aging for yourself, a parent or another loved one? Sign up for our FREE Nov. 2 Lunch and Learn program on “Navigating Aging”! This program, from 11:45 am – 1 pm at ... Read More »

What can I say to my children when they ask why we keep faith in this church?

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 9/28/18

Kerry Weber is an editor at the Jesuit magazine, AMERICA.  In an article in the September 17, 2018 issue, she asks “What can I say to my kids when they ask why we keep faith in this church?”

Most of us should be able to understand why parents would ... Read More »

A Social Media Resource for Parents

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 9/18/18

Parents struggle to deal with their kids’ use of social media. Early next year, we will offer a live program for parents and other interested adults about this ever-changing and challenging topic.

Many of us may wish that social media would go away. It will not. It will be ... Read More »


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