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UNDERAGE DRINKING, Part II: "Why Teenagers Should Not Drink Alcohol"

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 10/02/19

In the first part of this series, I presented evidence that of the leading causes of death among young people—unintentional injuries, suicide, and homicide—substance abuse is often a factor, and that alcohol is chief among those substances. Substance abuse (including alcohol abuse) is the number one destroyer of the ... Read More »

UNDERAGE DRINKING, Part I: "The Big Picture"

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 9/25/19

The Big Picture 

In a recent blog post, I asked us to consider how the leading causes of death of teenagers and young adults are often related to mental and behavioral health and/or substance abuse. In this post, let’s focus on substance abuse, as a start to a discussion ... Read More »

How can we promote good mental health in our children?

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 9/13/19

The clearest evidence of a national crisis in youth mental health is our rising suicide rates. Suicide rates are up in all American demographics and, contrary to what many think, young people are less likely to die by suicide than adults. But suicide rates among youth are rising faster ... Read More »

Back to School Tips!

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 9/04/19

I put together this 30-minute video with some thoughts for families as we settle into a new school year. I hope you find it useful. Dale Wisely      

A dozen things to say to your children

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 7/01/19

I am interested in the idea that parenting, at least in part, is a process of conveying messages to our kids. Sometimes we communicate these messages simply by saying them or writing them. Sometimes we convey messages through our behavior. Below is the current list of my 12 favorite messages. ... Read More »

What is the Key to a Healthy and Happy Marriage?

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 5/22/19

I would guess that most people would tell you that the secret to a good, lasting marriage is (a) being in love and (b) communication. “Being in love” might be expressed in different ways, but the underlying idea is about the passion and intense attraction many of us feel ... Read More »

Getting Married at Prince of Peace

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 5/17/19

Our church has an active ministry to help couples prepare for marriage.  We know many couples are in circumstances which make it difficult for them to participate in multiple visits with priests, or in long-form pre-marital retreats. For many years, Prince of Peace has offered a program that is ... Read More »

Parenting the Teenage Driver: Facts & an Opportunity for Parents

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 5/14/19

Some information on teen driving and then an invitation to attend my workshop on this topic.

Who among us does not remember what the beginning of summer felt like when we were teenagers? A break from school, from study, and so many opportunities to have fun with friends. Because ... Read More »

Depression Among Our Youth on the Rise

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 5/01/19

A new study from the National Institute of Mental Health reports alarming increases in depression among adolescents. About 3 million 12- to 17-year-olds have had at least one major depressive episode within the past 12 months. That is about 13% of young people in that age range. It’s easy ... Read More »

Should you seek a Catholic counselor?

Posted by Dr. Dale Wisely on 4/16/19

If you find yourself in need of the services of a therapist, should you seek one who is a Christian or, more specifically, a Catholic? This question may not be a no-brainer, even for the most devout Catholics.  During the many years I was engaged in private practice, people ... Read More »


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