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How Adults Are Hurting Youth Via ADULT Use of Social Media

Apr 11, 2019

Below is a link to a new video I've prepared on adults, teenagers, and social media. It runs about 15 minutes.

I frequently do talks on social media and youth. In the last month, I've given 8 talks on it. That's unusual, but it is an indication of the desire people have to learn more about this topic.

Lately, I have been saying that it may be that how we ADULTS use social media may be a greater threat to our youth than YOUTH use of social media.

Before we concern ourselves with the splinter in the eye of our teenagers, let us consider the plank in our own eyes. How are we, as adults, contributing to the problems of youth related to social media?

In this little video, I use as the taking-off point the national story about the girl who was pushed from a bridge into a river by her former best friend. Not a bad opportunity to do a quick review on the teenage brain and the nature of the teenage years.

The big picture idea: We have to figure out a way to start protecting youth from the errors they make on social media. When they make errors, they are sometimes vilified by their peers. Just as often, they may be vilified by ADULTS.

Let us all remember that, as Christians, we are called to forgive and to show mercy. When a teenager makes a terrible mistake, we are called to forgive, to show mercy, to not bear false witness.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to watch this video. 



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