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Dr. Dale Wisely to offer more parent education sessions!

Jan 22, 2019

Dr. Dale Wisely, POP’s director of family, life will offer a series of morning parent education sessions, “coffee talks,”  AND a three-part evening parent/educator workshop on ADHD to the parish over the next few months. All Dr. Wisely’s sessions are free and open to the entire parish.

Coffee Talks – 8:15-9:15 am-school youth room

Feb 1- ADHD: What Parents Need to Know

ADHD and ADD are not what you think. These common disorders are complex and widely misunderstood. This presentation will include some of the fundamentals of a new understanding of the nature of ADHD/ADD. As a child and adolescent psychologist, Dr. Wisely has 35 years of experience working with ADHD individuals and provides popular talks for parents and professionals on ADHD.

March 8 - 10 Things to Say to Your Child

Ever wonder if you are “doing it right” as a parent?  Although there is an abundance of information on the topic of parenting, finding the time to access it can be difficult.  Dr. Wisely will speak on things that all children need to hear from their parents throughout their development.  These ‘10-things’ will allow for beneficial interactions with your children as well as provide the opportunity for children to develop healthy coping skills to use throughout their lifetime.

March 22 - Mental Health and Our Youth: What ALL Parents Should Know

No person and no family are immune from emotional and behavioral problems, and mental disorders. Among youth, some of the major mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, appear to be on the rise. In this talk, Dr. Wisely will review some of the common mental health problems among school-age children and teenagers and what to watch for as they develop.

April 12 - Social Media, the Digital World, and Your Child

Due to numerous requests, this is a repeat of the talk Dr. Wisely gave on October 26.  Dr. Wisely will speak on navigating your child’s use of social media as well as the dangers of certain applications.  He will address ways for parents to talk to their children about safety and positive use of social media.

Evening Workshops – 6-7:30pm-Deasy Hall


ADHD 101: A 3-Part Series for Parents and Educators

There is nothing more important to a child with ADHD than to have adults in their lives who understand the disorder. It is as important as any form of treatment. When adults understand the disorder, the quality of the ADHD child’s life can improve dramatically. Helping us understanding this complex disorder is the goal of this series.

Feb 19   Understanding the Disorder

Feb 26   Treatments and Interventions

Mar 5     ADHD - Making Things Better at Home & School


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