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Dr. Wisely-"Rethinking Bullying-for Parents"

Sep 23, 2019


Dr. Dale Wisely will present “Rethinking Bullying-For Parents” this October, which is National Bullying Prevention Month.  There will be two presentations on two different dates in the school’s youth room at 8:15 am.  Parents of preK through fourth grade students are invited attend on October 11.  Parents of fifth through eighth grade students are invited to attend the October 25 presentation.  All parish families are welcome to attend. 

“In recent years, parents and educators have become increasingly aware of the pain and danger associated with bullying. Few are aware, however, that both the victims of bullying AND bullies are at risk for difficulties in their lives. Have we gone too far in demonizing bullying and bullies? What can we do in our families to discourage bullying and to intervene when bullying occurs. In this presentation, we will all be challenged to rethink the problem of bullying.” – Dr. Dale Wisely.

Dr. Wisely is the director of family life at Prince of Peace.  He is a well known Birmingham mental health professional with over 35 years of experience as a child and adolescent psychologist.  In addition to his doctoral degree in clinical psychology, Dr. Wisely holds a master’s degree in theology.


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