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Faithstories #2-Our Bible, Our Faith

Feb 5, 2019

Fr. Joy and Dr. Wisely Present  “Our Bible, Our Faith” on Feb. 20.

Faithstories is a our new seven-week Wednesday evening adult program designed by Dr. Dale Wisely and Father Joy Nellissery and to enrich your faith life and offer insights into the Bible and the Catholic sacraments. Faithstories evenings will feature guest speakers who will share their personal faith stories and experiences; a brief talk about living as a faithful Christian; and group discussion.

Our second program on February 20 features Father Joy and Dr. Wisely with a lively conversation about the role of the Bible in the Catholic faith.

“Catholics sometimes have an inferiority complex about the Bible,” said Dale Wisely. “We hear many of our Protestant brothers and sisters able to quote chapters and verses. But this is about how Catholics incorporate the Bible into worship. Catholics follow a three-year cycle of Scripture reading, so a Catholic who goes to mass faithfully will hear almost all the Bible read over the course of three years, as well as hearing homilies based on those readings. A church-going Catholic does know and use Scripture.”

If you have heard Father Joy preach, then you already know about this depth of knowledge of the Bible and his special gift for teaching scripture.  

In the presentation, Father Joy and Dr. Wisely will select some of the great stories of faith from scriptures and invite all who come to participate in bringing those stories to life.

Plan to arrive at 5:30pm for dinner in Deasy Hall and stay for the program from 6:15pm-7:30pm. Childcare will be available in the church nursery. Faithstories will continue through April 3, skipping March 27. Future Faithstories topics will be released soon!



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