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MOMs Group-Lovelady Center Outreach

May 4, 2020

The Prince of Peace MOMS group recently completed a huge outreach to the The Lovelady Center in Birmingham. In addition to a monetary gift, the MOMs ministry donated hundreds of dollars worth of hygiene products, such as: deodorant, shampoo, body wash, soap, and razors. In addition, they passed along Father John Fallon’s central message of ‘Living a Life of Gratitude' by making a "gratitude jar" and and "encouragement jar" for the women to use to lift their spirits daily. The Lovelady Center currently houses almost 400 women, not including their children. The center provides food, shelter, and basic necessities to the women.

Encouragement and gratitude jars created by the Prince of Peace Catholic Parish’s MOMs group for the women residing at the Lovelady Center.

Prince of Peace Catholic Parish’s MOMs group member Emily Tsikalas displays the group’s donations to the Lovelady Center.



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