Formation Board

Mission Statement

The mission of the Board is to provide ministerial support for the formation and education of the whole person in the context of deepening spirituality grounded in Catholic beliefs, traditions, and values.

Purpose Statement

The Board acts as an advisory body to both the pastor and the school principal. As such a board, one of our main functions is to support our parish formation programs. Additionally we provide advice on the development and review of policies and plans for the future of the parish school and formation programs and their ability to accommodate future enrollments. We also evaluate the needs of the parish and strive to offer opportunities for all age groups to deepen their faith.

Faith Formation Board - 2019/2020

Father John Fallon, pastor

Father Joy Nellissery, associate pastor

Father Jose Luis Guevara, associate pastor

Rick DiGiorgio, deacon

Connie Angstadt, school principal

Mike Brown, director of adult ed

Debbie Calvert, school assistant principal

Kelly Doss, parish operations manager

Megan Everett, director of formation

Dr. David Finn, board member

Edel Flannelly, board member

Leonard Frisaro, board member

Mary Caneer Guillory, board chair

Sharon Jacobsen, board member

Kat Meinberg, board member

Wes Rankin, school athletic director

Julie Schneider, school PTO president

Dr. Dale Wisely, director of family life

Laurie Wood, board member