Getting Married at POP


We are glad that you have chosen to express your faith in God and your love for each other through the sacrament of marriage. We hope we can do our part to support you as you plan your wedding and your marriage. 

Guidelines for planning your wedding are available here.

Information about the 2019 Alabama marriage law changes and the Diocese of Birmingham procedure clarifications are available here.


Our Marriage Preparation Program

Prince of Peace offers a marriage preparation program centered around attending a full day in a class/workshop format (the “Sunday Session”). There are other required components.

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REQUIREMENTS (Visit Checklist Page)


  • Making sure your priest (if not at Prince of Peace) will accept our program
  • Understanding 2019 changes in Alabama marriage law
  • Knowing POP's wedding guidelines (if getting married at POP)
  • Attending a fully-day SUNDAY SESSION
  • Taking the FOCCUS Inventory online
  • Meeting with a facilitator to go over FOCCUS and complete diocesan paperwork
  • Reviewing materials on BLENDED FAMILIES, if there are children from a previous marriage or relationship


  1. You and your fiancé separately complete a questionnaire called the FOCCUS© Inventory online prior to attending the Sunday session.  We will set both of you up so you can log-in and take the inventory. IMPORTANT: You must contact us by email so we can set you up. That does not happen automatically. Contact Dr. Dale Wisely at [email protected] so he can set you up to take the inventory online. He will need both of your full names and separate email addresses.

  2. When either member of the couple has children from a previous relationship, both must review materials about Blended Families.

  3. Attendance of a “Sunday Session,” marriage preparation day. This is offered four times a year at Prince of Peace, from 10:00AM-4:30 PM. The one-day Sunday Session program includes presentations on:
    1. Spirituality and Faith in Marriage and Family
    2. Blending Families
    3. Family Finances
    4. Communication, Connectedness, and Intimacy

During the Sunday Session day, all couples spend time in private conversations, prompted by written questions we provide. These are designed to prompt couples to discuss some of the challenges they will be facing, along with reflections on the blessing which is their love for each other. Class size is limited. To register, please contact the church office at 205-822-9125.

5. At an arranged time, the couple meets once at Prince of Peace with facilitators for a discussion of their FOCCUS inventory results. This typically occurs after the Sunday Session. One of our team couples, trained as facilitators of the FOCCUS© Inventory, subsequently meets with each couple to review the results and to lead a discussion about possible implications for their marriage. Our team couple will also assist the couple with the required Diocesan forms (prenuptial investigation, request for permission/dispensations from the Bishop’s office if needed, etc.)


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is your responsibility to be certain that if the priest or deacon who will officiate at your wedding is NOT assigned to Prince of Peace, that he will accept our program as sufficient preparation for marriage. Below is a link to a document which outlines the program. Before planning to complete our marriage prep program, you should speak with the priest or deacon who will be officiating at your wedding, show him this information, and confirm he will accept the Prince of Peace Marriage Preparation program.


Below you will find some materials which you will need to plan your wedding at POP at your marriage preparation program. 

If you have questions, please call the church office at (205) 822-9125. Congratulations!