Mass Intentions

Mass Intentions July 26th-31st

Sunday- Richard F. Kubik +, Voris Davis +, Ann Rettino +

Monday- Ester Piazza+

Tuesday- Norman Messina+

Wednesday- Patsy Rowan +

Thursday- Catherine Ramsey Fievet +

Friday- Robert W. Munley, Jr. +

Mass Intentions August 1

Saturday- The Sylvan Nitching Family- SI,   Basil and Kathleen Guino +

Sunday- Ginger and Jack Gray -SI,  Virginia Balys +,  Father Joy Nellissery  SI

Mass Intentions August 3-9

Monday- Annie Sellers -SI

Tuesday- The Caring Needles Group- SI

Wednesday- Donna Dottley +

Thursday- Stella Beebe +

Friday- Julie and Nick Sellers -SI

Saturday- Roger Guillaume +,  Michael McCarthy +

Sunday- Gerald Jackson +,  Norman Messina +,  Father Jose Luis Guevara

Mass Intentions August 10-16

Monday- Sam Alfano +

Tuesday- Sara Schifano +

Wednesday- Pat Cook +

Thursday- Sara Schifano +

Friday- Karen Stephens +

Saturday- Father Henry McDaid -SI,  Andy Cooley +

Sunday- Pat Cook +, Paula Brown +,  Richard F. Kubik +

Mass Intentions August 17-23

Monday- Donna Dottley +

Tuesday- The Sylvan Nichting Family- SI

Wednesday- Kathryn McManus +

Thursday- Mary Sowinski +

Friday- Kathy DeVito +

Saturday- Sam Alfano +, Gloria Eubank +

Sunday- Andy Cooley +,  Greta Tortorici +,  Randy Bolin +

Mass Intentions August 24-30

Monday- Connie Lees +

Tuesday- James Grondin +

Wednesday- Michael McCarthy +

Thursday- Donna Dottley +

Friday- Jeanette Laney +

Saturday- Norman Messina +,  Louis C. Zicarelli +

Sunday- David Seeley +,  Ned Germanson +,  Lane Hampton +

Mass Intention August 31

Monday- Sue Vanzadt +

Mass Intentions can also be found in the weekly bulletin.  Find a link to the most recent issue on our homepage.