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Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council, along with the Finance Council, make up the two advisory groups to the pastor of Prince of Peace Catholic Parish.  The Pastoral Council's primary purpose is to represent the parishioners and advise the pastor on matters related to the Church. It is made up of ten parish members, including a representative from the Hispanic community and a member from the Finance Council. Members are appointed by the pastor.  Each serves a three-year term. Pastoral Council meets with the pastor and the parish operations manager at least quarterly and on an ad-hoc basis as needed.  Members must be active in parish activities and ministries.

Pastoral Council Members

Fr. Fallon - ex officio

Kelly Doss - ex officio

Rick Claypoole

Darlene Wilson

Mark Koch

Mary Guillory

Greg Muro

Marilyn Bochnak

Lourdes Vasquez

Mary Rose Gray

Joe Popinski

Casey Halsey

Caroline Romano

Liset Martinez

Patricia Naro

Tomas Gomez

Sandy Stewart