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Social Media Policy

The use of technology is rapidly growing to form, inform, and, with God’s grace, transform the adults, teens and children of our parish. Every day, countless conversations take place online about the Catholic faith on social media, and Prince of Peace Catholic Parish encourages Church and School personnel to join these conversations to proclaim the Gospel. Prince of Peace Catholic Parish also respects the rights of Church and School personnel to use social media as a form of self-expression. It is important that we make every effort to ensure the safety of producers and consumers of social media, while at the same time ensuring the integrity of the message we proclaim. This requires responsible, focused, and intentional use of new and yet-to-be-developed technologies.

We have developed and implemented the Prince of Peace Catholic Parish Social Media Policy which applies to all Church and School personnel (employees, clergy and all volunteers), and to their use of social networking sites, blogs, or any other kind of social media. Other websites are usually not considered social media, but this policy also applies to the creation, content and use of Parish, School, and ministry websites, as well as to online discussion by any Church and School personnel of matters pertaining to ministry.  Please direct any questions about the policy to either Parish Operations Manager Kelly Doss or Stewardship Coordinator Jill Spero.