Weekend Gospel Reflections

Fourth Sunday of Lent Weekend of March 21/22, 2020 Saint Paul gives us a wake-up call. As stewards of the light of Christ, we are to reflect that light with the help of the Holy Spirit. If Christ’s work has transformed and illuminated our lives, there should be a change. The light of Christ’s active presence should be at work in us. And as the light shines within us, we take on the properties of that light and we shine too. We are used by God to shine the light of Christ in the lives of others. A challenging Lenten reflection: Is the light of Christ shining in our hearts? Is the light of Christ reflecting out from us to others?

Fifth Sunday of Lent Weekend of March 28/29, 2020 Jesus called to his friend from the dead, “Lazarus, come out!” It is the same call our Lord makes to us unceasingly: “Come out!” Jesus calls us from our tomb of doubt and unbelief, from the darkness of our fear and anxieties; from the depths of our weaknesses and lack of hope. Christian stewards pray for an open heart so that they may hear the voice of the Lord, heed the continuous call to come away from their former way of living and reprioritize their lives in the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Do we believe Christ has the power to transform our lives? Do we take time to listen for his call?

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion Weekend of April 4/5, 2020 We are at the doorsteps of Holy Week where we stand with Jesus. The sacred scriptures reveal how Jesus has humbled himself and let go of everything, emptying himself for us. How have we joined him during this time of tension and disquiet? Have our prayers, much altered daily life, penitential practices and almsgiving moved us to humble ourselves before the Lord? Have we been able to let go of our daily preoccupations to make the ways of Christ Jesus our first priority? As disciples of the Lord and stewards of His gift of faith, it is time to evaluate our lives under his cross.
The Resurrection of the Lord – Easter Vigil April 11, 2020 In tonight’s reading from Saint Paul’s letter to the Romans, we are reminded that we are alive in Christ. And it is not merely once a year that we remember what Jesus did to give us this new life, forgiveness and peace. Every day good stewards remember their baptism. They remember that they are united with Jesus in his death; that daily they drown the old sinful nature, and that daily they rise to their new life in Christ. Let us be mindful every day, especially when we are troubled by life, gripped by fear or tempted by sin, that our lives are no longer about us, but about Christ’s active, loving presence within us. That is our baptism. Alleluia! He is risen! 

The Resurrection of the Lord – Easter Sunday  April 12, 2020 The reading from the Acts of the Apostles reminds us that we, too, bear witness to the risen Lord. The presence of Christ is within us, making us new, transforming us, turning us into stewards of the Good News. There is no more time for holding grudges, disliking others, seeking vengeance, maintaining old prejudices, tolerating bias. 
We are Christ’s joy and instruments of his peace. Our world is reordered. Reflect on how we are called to let Christ’s forgiveness, reconciliation and love per meate our lives. We are Easter people. Rejoice! He is risen! Alleluia!

Second Sunday of Easter/Divine Mercy Sunday Weekend of April 18/19, 2020 In today’s first reading, the four activities of the earliest church are introduced to us as priorities of the church: devotion to the teachings of the apostles, communal fellowship, the Eucharist and prayer. The early members of the church saw themselves as devoted stewards of these activities. These were not options. They were the fruits of a genuine conversion to a life in Christ. Sharing in the Eucharist was the most intimate expression of fellowship, while the most common expression of fellowship in the New Testament was that of sharing financial resources – giving. It was not a perfect community, but one that offered evidence of God’s active presence in its midst. This early community offers us an excellent example of how to better exercise stewardship in our own parish families.

Third Sunday of Easter Weekend of April 25/26, 2020 As today’s Gospel reveals, the first meal shared with the risen Lord happened in a place called Emmaus. Perhaps there is no better time to reflect on this story than in those prayerful moments at Mass when we return to our place after receiving Holy Communion. Those few moments give us an opportunity to reflect on our stewardship of Christ’s presence within us. We have a chance to practice hospitality by inviting Jesus into our hearts to walk and talk with us about our own Emmaus journey. We can relive once again the time when he broke bread for the disciples. And just as they did, we too can recognize Christ in this meal made to be shared with others.