Weekend Gospel Reflections

Feast of the Presentation of the Lord Weekend of February 1/2, 2020 In today’s first reading the prophet Malachi compares our need for conversion with the refinement of gold and silver. To purify these precious metals, gold and silversmiths subjected their ores to extreme heat.  As the metals reached temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, impurities began to melt away and only the precious metal in its purest form remained. When these ancient refiners saw their reflections in the metal, they knew the gold or silver was ready; that it was pure. Good stewards know they, too, are full of impurities, and the only way God will see his image in them is when they allow themselves to undergo constant refinement; to accept ongoing conversion to take place in their lives. Do we take active steps to improve and refine our lives? Do we allow Christ to help us rid ourselves of our impurities?

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Weekend of February 8/9, 2020 In this weekend’s readings and psalm, the prevailing theme is that of light: We are the light of the world; our light breaks forth like the dawn; our light shines in the darkness; our light reflects generosity and justice. Good stewards know they are the lamp, and Christ is the flame that, through them, illuminates the earth. They know that they carry Christ’s light in their hearts, and let it shine through their words and deeds. What are we doing to shine Christ’s light on the hungry, the homeless and others most in need of God’s mercy? How do we exercise good stewardship over the light of Christ that burns within each of us?

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Weekend of February 15/16, 2020 In today’s Gospel, part of his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus does not speak of replacing the law of the Old Testament. He goes beyond it. He obliges his followers to work at being holier than even the strictest of Pharisees. But the work is not accomplished by following a religious “law”, it requires growing in love for other human beings. Followers of Jesus know they are required to be good stewards of others. In what way will you exercise good stewardship over other people this week?

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Weekend of February 22/23, 2020 In another passage from his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus continues to turn his disciples’ way of thinking upside down. One of the lessons for the Christian steward in today’s Gospel is that if we have a chance to help someone in need, we should be generous and give more than is expected of us. Jesus went “the extra mile” for us. Can we be more like Jesus and “go the extra mile” for others?