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Matrimony, or marriage, is a sacrament that unites a man and a woman in a lifelong partnership of love and mutual support. In the Catholic Church, marriage is seen as a sacred covenant blessed by God. Through the exchange of vows before a priest or deacon along with the couple’s witnesses, the bride and groom promise to faithfully love and care for each other, and to raise their children in the faith. 


Couples wishing to be married at Prince of Peace should contact the church office at 205-822-9125 to reserve a date at least six months prior to their wedding date. The church will have the couple submit a marriage request form to begin the preparation period. During preparation the couple will:


1. Meet with the pastor of Prince of Peace in person to obtain approval to marry.

2. Submit copies of their baptismal certificate from the church where they were baptized.

3. Meet with the Liturgy Director to plan the service and select music.

4. Attend a marriage preparation class at Prince of Peace.

5. Meet with assigned wedding coordinator to obtain guidelines and plan rehearsal.

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