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JULY 12–14, 2024 | Cost $75 

At Prince of Peace, we recognize the significance of these formative years and the importance of providing a nurturing environment where our high school students can thrive spiritually, socially, and academically. Our High School Youth Program is more than just a place to gather; it's a vibrant community where young minds can explore their faith, find guidance, and build lasting friendships.

We believe that faith should be an active part of every stage of life, and our program is designed to help our youth integrate their spirituality into the exciting journey of growing up. Through engaging discussions, inspiring events, and meaningful service opportunities, we encourage our high school students to build a strong foundation of faith in Jesus Christ that will serve them well as they step into the world as young adults.

Our dedicated leaders and mentors are here to walk alongside your teenagers, offering guidance, support, and a listening ear. We understand the unique challenges they face in today's fast-paced world, and we are committed


to helping them navigate these challenges while staying true to their values and faith.

So, whether your high school student is seeking a place to connect with like-minded peers, explore their spirituality, or simply find a welcoming community to call home during these transformative years, we invite them to join us at Prince of Peace.

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