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Want to join a small group?


Please consider joining a small group for our Summer Session study of Dr. Timothy O'Malley's "Becoming Eucharistic People."

Small groups are an important way to experience a sense of belonging to our Church, which sometimes can feel large and disconnected. It is a great way to make or deepen relationships while also growing in Faith!

How it works:

  • Leaders: Prep day is June 6. Fill out the leader sign-up form by June 4 for more info.

  • Everyone else: Sign-up using the button above, and we'll do our best to match you to a group that matches your selections on when/where/with whom to meet.

  • Pick up your book at the table in the Gathering space at Mass on June 8/9 or June 15/16 or call/email Alex at the Parish Office.

  • Download the Study Guide (If you cannot download it, your group leader can provide a printed copy.)

  • Kick-off with the Eucharistic Pilgrimage event at Prince of Peace on June 16/17.

  • Meet for the 5 weekly sessions at the time your group has decided. Everything is done at the pace your own group decides on. 

  • At the end of the summer, you'll receive more information on how to join a fall session where you can continue with this group or join a different one!


Dr. Timothy O'Malley's book provides a clear and engaging presentation of what we believe about the Holy Eucharist. But most importantly, presents a description of the place the Most Blessed Sacrament holds in our community life, binding us together as one body in Christ. In addition to answering the "what?" Dr. O'Malley adds the answer to the "Why?" we hold this sacred mystery so dear.  

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